FORTIS Werkzeuge:

The European trade brand

Who knows more about tools than those who work with them every day? The daily exchange between users and regional specialist trade is the best basis for developing a tool tag.

The regional specialist trade for tools knows the needs of its customers in industry and trade very well and plans its assortment accordingly.
The experiences and requirements of its customers are incorporated into the design of the FORTIS assortment. Rarely needed and expensive special tools therefore have no place in FORTIS.

Tools are often needed at short notice and in large quantities. A FORTIS specialist dealer can meet a large part of this demand from his own stock.
FORTIS also has highly efficient logistics with a central warehouse. The FORTIS specialist dealers are thus able to deliver quickly and directly to the point of need.

The quality you need as a professional

Solid, precise and ergonomic. That’s FORTIS tools. You will feel it in your daily work. Reliable quality can be recognised straight away.
FORTIS tools are manufactured by renowned manufacturers as part of the cooperation. They are subject to strict quality requirements that are continuously monitored by German testing institutes.

Besides very special products that are rarely requested, there are also those that you simply need every day. And where reliability is more important than a newly invented equipment detail that unnecessarily drives up the price.

FORTIS tools are developed for the needs of professionals in trade and industry. Therefore, you will not find them in a DIY store.
Simply contact a FORTIS specialist dealer in your region. They and FORTIS will convince you.

The efficient solution for your tool needs

You don’t want unnecessary costs any more than your customers do. You prefer good tools with exceptional value for money. Then FORTIS is the best choice for you.

With FORTIS, we cover large needs in many trades and industrial companies. The purchase of tools is also analysed in detail with a view to maximum economic efficiency. Where can you save without running the risk of creating production risks with poor quality?

But how are these low prices achieved? Through bundled purchasing from over 1,000 specialist dealers throughout Europe.
We can have large quantities manufactured with a long-term perspective. You too can benefit from these favourable conditions!