Bit magazine holder, ratchet, 6-pc

Bit magazine holder, ratchet

• Chrome-vanadium-steel
• Removable blade with quick-change chuck
• Multi-component plastic handle
• Handle can be angled to pistol grip at the touch of a button for transmission of higher torques
• Handle with ratchet function
• Forward/reverse rotation
• Changeover via directional switch
• Ratchet lock in central position
• Shoulder
• Bit magazine (6 bits) unlocks by turning the handle head
• Suitable for bits with hexagon drive according to C 6.3 and E 6.3

2 bits for slot screws 5; 6 mm
2 bits for cross-head screws PH 1; PH 2
2 bits for TORX® screws T 15; T 20

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