Clamping chuck for screw-in cutters, DIN 69893, form AD/B

Clamping chuck for screw-in cutters

• Made of alloyed case hardening steel
• DIN 69893
• Form AD/B
• Hardened 58 ± 2 HRC
• With a core tensile strength of approx. 1000 N/mm² after case-hardening and a hardness depth of min. 0.5 mm
• Taper DIN 254
• Taper angle tolerance AT3
• Taper surface accuracy Ra < 1 µm
• Concentricity ≤ 0.005 mm
• Balancing quality G 2.5 at 25000 min-1

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EANTaper shankMetric threadProjection lengthInner ØSmallest Ø
4317784753302HTS-A 63M625 mm6,6 mm10 mm
4317784753296HTS-A 63M650 mm6,5 mm10 mm
4317784753289HTS-A 63M675 mm6,5 mm10 mm
4317784753272HTS-A 63M850 mm8,5 mm13 mm23 mm
4317784753265HTS-A 63M875 mm8,5 mm13 mm23 mm
4317784753258HTS-A 63M8100 mm8,5 mm13 mm26 mm
4317784753241HTS-A 63M1050 mm10,5 mm18 mm23 mm
4317784753234HTS-A 63M1075 mm10,5 mm18 mm28 mm
4317784753227HTS-A 63M10100 mm10,5 mm18 mm32 mm
4317784753210HTS-A 63M1250 mm12,5 mm21 mm24 mm
4317784753203HTS-A 63M1275 mm12,5 mm21 mm31 mm
4317784753197HTS-A 63M12100 mm12,5 mm21 mm33 mm
4317784753180HTS-A 63M1650 mm17 mm29 mm34 mm
4317784753173HTS-A 63M1675 mm17 mm29 mm34 mm
4317784753166HTS-A 63M16100 mm17 mm29 mm34 mm