Clamping chuck for screw-in cutters, JIS B 6339, form AD/B

Clamping chuck for screw-in cutters

• Made of alloyed case hardening steel
• DIN 69871
• Form AD/B
• Hardened 58 ± 2 HRC
• With a core tensile strength of approx. 950 N/mm² after case-hardening and a hardness depth of min. 0.5 mm
• Taper DIN 254
• Taper angle tolerance AT3
• Taper surface accuracy Ra < 1 µm
• Concentricity ≤ 0.01 mm
• Balancing quality G 2.5 at 25000 min-1

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EANTaper shankMetric threadProjection lengthInner ØSmallest ØLargest Ø
4317784755085BT 40M677 mm6,5 mm10 mm20 mm
4317784755078BT 40M6102 mm6,5 mm10 mm20 mm
4317784755061BT 40M6127 mm6,5 mm10 mm23 mm
4317784755054BT 40M877 mm8,5 mm13 mm23 mm
4317784755047BT 40M8102 mm8,5 mm13 mm23 mm
4317784755030BT 40M8127 mm8,5 mm13 mm25 mm
4317784755023BT 40M1077 mm10,5 mm18 mm23 mm
4317784755016BT 40M10102 mm10,5 mm18 mm28 mm
4317784755009BT 40M10127 mm10,5 mm18 mm32 mm
4317784754996BT 40M1277 mm12,5 mm21 mm24 mm
4317784754989BT 40M12102 mm12,5 mm21 mm31 mm
4317784754972BT 40M12127 mm12,5 mm21 mm33 mm
4317784754965BT 40M1677 mm17 mm29 mm34 mm
4317784754958BT 40M16102 mm17 mm29 mm34 mm
4317784754941BT 40M16127 mm17 mm29 mm36 mm
4317784721967BT 40M16152 mm17 mm29 mm40 mm
4317784754934BT 50M1289 mm12,5 mm21 mm24 mm
4317784754927BT 50M12138 mm12,5 mm21 mm33 mm
4317784754910BT 50M12188 mm12,5 mm21 mm40 mm
4317784754903BT 50M1689 mm17 mm29 mm34 mm
4317784754897BT 50M16138 mm17 mm29 mm36 mm
4317784754880BT 50M16188 mm17 mm29 mm42,5 mm