HSS Co5 jobber drill set, ground, 25-30°

HSS Co5 jobber drill set, bright

• Profile ground
• HSS Co5
• DIN 338
• Type VA
• Point angle 130°
• Spiral angle 25-30°
• Normal angle of rake, core thickness and core gradient
• Cylindrical shaft
• Precision cross ground
• Right-hand cutting
• Cobalt provides for improved thermal resistance
• Especially for alloyed and non-alloyed steels (up to 900 N/mm² in strength), hot and cold work steels, tempered and case-hardening steels as well as for rust and acid-resistant steels

Supplied: in plastic case with automatic raising of the drill when opening.

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EANSet contents Ø h8Number of drillsIncreasingSteel <850 NSteel <1000 NSteel <1400 NTi, Ti alloy and special steelsCast ironAlu, NF metals, NF alloyCopper, brass, bronze
40637260037751–5,9 mm500,1 mm20106333020
40637260037826–10 mm410,1 mm20106333020
43177847151021–10 mm190,5 mm20106353020
43177847150961–10,5 mm240.5 + c.d.* mm20106353020
43177847150891–13 mm250,5 mm20106353020