HSS jobber drill with offset shank

Jobber drill with offset shank, steam treated

• DIN 338
• Type N
• Point angle 118°
• Stepped shank
• Right-hand cutting

Supplied: in plastic box.

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EANDrill ØSpiral lengthTotal lengthShank Ø
431778477192410,5 mm87 mm133 mm10 mm
431778477191711 mm94 mm142 mm10 mm
431778477190011,5 mm94 mm142 mm10 mm
431778477189412 mm101 mm151 mm10 mm
431778477188712,5 mm101 mm151 mm10 mm
431778477187013 mm101 mm151 mm10 mm
431778477186313,5 mm108 mm160 mm13 mm
431778477185614 mm108 mm160 mm13 mm
431778477184914,5 mm114 mm169 mm13 mm
431778477183215 mm114 mm169 mm13 mm
431778477182515,5 mm120 mm178 mm13 mm
431778477181816 mm120 mm178 mm13 mm
431778477180116,5 mm125 mm184 mm13 mm
431778477179517 mm125 mm184 mm13 mm
431778477178817,5 mm130 mm191 mm13 mm
431778477177118 mm130 mm191 mm13 mm
431778477176418,5 mm135 mm198 mm13 mm
431778477175719 mm135 mm198 mm13 mm
431778477174019,5 mm140 mm205 mm13 mm
431778477193120 mm140 mm205 mm13 mm