Shell end mill arbour, DIN 69871, form AD

Shell end mill arbour

• Made of alloyed case hardening steel
• Hardened 58 ± 2 HRC, min. 0.5 mm deep
• Tensile strength in core after case hardening approx. 950 N/mm²
• Taper DIN 254
• Taper angle tolerance AT3
• Surface accuracy of taper Ra < 1 µm
• Tool holder DIN 69871
• Concentricity ≤ 0.01 mm
• Balancing quality G 6.3 at 15000 min-1
• with coolant duct holes
• To nest tools with cross groove acc. to DIN 1880

Supplied: shell end mill arbour with cutting retaining screw and cylinder head screw.

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EANTaper shankMandrel ØAttachment lengthProjection lengthOffset Ø
4317784756877ST 4016 mm17 mm35 mm38 mm
4317784756860ST 4016 mm17 mm100 mm38 mm
4317784756853ST 4022 mm19 mm35 mm48 mm
4317784756846ST 4022 mm19 mm100 mm48 mm
4317784756839ST 4027 mm21 mm40 mm58 mm
4317784756822ST 4027 mm21 mm100 mm58 mm
4317784756815ST 4032 mm24 mm50 mm78 mm
4317784756808ST 4032 mm24 mm100 mm78 mm
4317784756792ST 4040* mm27 mm50 mm88 mm
4317784756785ST 4040* mm27 mm100 mm88 mm
4317784756778ST 5016 mm17 mm35 mm48 mm
4317784756761ST 5016 mm17 mm100 mm48 mm
4317784756754ST 5022 mm19 mm35 mm48 mm
4317784756747ST 5022 mm19 mm100 mm48 mm
4317784756730ST 5027 mm21 mm40 mm58 mm
4317784756723ST 5027 mm21 mm100 mm58 mm
4317784756716ST 5032 mm24 mm50 mm78 mm
4317784756709ST 5032 mm24 mm100 mm78 mm
4317784756693ST 5040* mm27 mm50 mm88 mm
4317784756686ST 5040* mm27 mm100 mm88 mm