Solid carbide end mill, Carapace+, short, INOX

Solid carbide end mill, HPC, Carapace+

• Short design
• Solid carbide
• DIN 6527
• Type INOX
• Helix angle 35/38°
• Number of jaws 4
• Shank DIN 6535-HB
• Dry machining possible
• With centre cutting
• Dynamic helix
• Protective chamfer 45°

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EANØ f8Cutting edge lengthTotal lengthShank Ø h6Protective chamferINOXTi, Ti alloy and special steelsWithout coolingEmulsion
43177847412793 mm5 mm54 mm6 mm0,1 mm10060RecommendedRecommended
43177847412624 mm8 mm54 mm6 mm0,13 mm10060RecommendedRecommended
43177847412555 mm9 mm54 mm6 mm0,18 mm10060RecommendedRecommended
43177847412486 mm10 mm54 mm6 mm0,2 mm10060RecommendedRecommended
43177847412318 mm12 mm58 mm8 mm0,2 mm10060RecommendedRecommended
431778474122410 mm14 mm66 mm10 mm0,2 mm10060RecommendedRecommended
431778474121712 mm16 mm73 mm12 mm0,3 mm10060RecommendedRecommended
431778474120014 mm16 mm73 mm14 mm0,3 mm10060RecommendedRecommended
431778474119416 mm22 mm82 mm16 mm0,3 mm10060RecommendedRecommended
431778474118718 mm22 mm82 mm18 mm0,4 mm10060RecommendedRecommended
431778474117020 mm26 mm92 mm20 mm0,4 mm10060RecommendedRecommended