Surface clamping chuck, DIN 69893, form AD, with cooling channel slots

Weldon® surface clamping chuck, with cooling channel slots

• Made of alloyed case hardening steel
• Hardened 58 ± 2 HRC, min. 0.5 mm deep
• Tensile strength in core after case hardening approx. 950 N/mm²
• Taper DIN 254
• Taper angle tolerance AT3
• Bore tolerance H5
• Concentricity < 0.005 mm
• Balancing quality G 2.5 at 25000 min-1
• Tool holder DIN 69871
• To nest tools with cylinder shaft and side carrier surface acc. to DIN 1835-B and DIN 6353-HB

Supplied: surface clamping chuck with clamping screw, without coolant pipe.

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EANTaper shankHoleOffset ØProjection length
4317784754187HTS-A 636 mm25 mm65 mm
4317784754170HTS-A 638 mm28 mm65 mm
4317784754163HTS-A 6310 mm35 mm80 mm
4317784754156HTS-A 6312 mm42 mm80 mm
4317784754149HTS-A 6314 mm44 mm80 mm
4317784754132HTS-A 6316 mm48 mm80 mm
4317784754125HTS-A 6318 mm50 mm80 mm
4317784754118HTS-A 6320 mm52 mm110 mm
4317784754101HTS-A 6325 mm65 mm110 mm
4317784754095HTS-A 6332 mm72 mm110 mm