Tool wheel brush, steel wire, wavy

Tool wheel brush

• Hardened steel wire, wavy
• For removing scale, paint, rust and for cleaning, especially in hard-to-reach places, internal surfaces and grooves, for use on drills and straight grinders

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EANBrush ØBrush thicknessWorking lengthEffective working widthShank ØMax. rpm
431778478089640 mm0,3 mm10 mm7 mm6 mm18000 min-1
431778478088950 mm0,3 mm13 mm10 mm6 mm15000 min-1
431778478087260 mm0,3 mm15 mm10 mm6 mm15000 min-1
431778478086570 mm0,3 mm15 mm12 mm6 mm15000 min-1
431778478085880 mm0,3 mm20 mm12 mm6 mm15000 min-1