VDI tool holder, form D1

VDI tool holder, form D1, multi-holder

• Shaft and contact surface hardened and ground
• With coolant transfer bore

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43177847324373020/16 mm35 mm17 mm23 mm28 mm38 mm42 mm60 mm
43177847324204025/20 mm42,5 mm21 mm25,5 mm32,5 mm48 mm50 mm72 mm
43177847324135032/25 mm50 mm26 mm30,5 mm35 mm60 mm60 mm85 mm
43177847324063020/16 mm35 mm17 mm23 mm35 mm38 mm42 mm60 mm
43177847323904025/20 mm42,5 mm21 mm25,5 mm42,5 mm48 mm50 mm72 mm
43177847323835032/25 mm50 mm26 mm30,5 mm50 mm60 mm60 mm85 mm